Raspberry Pi Colocation Hosting
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RasPi Colocation Hosting

Only for you: all inclusive!

RasPi Hosting

Rent dedicated RasPi (model 3b+ or 4b) colocation hosting in our own datacenter.

RasPi Network

Public IPv6 (/128 or /112)
100 Mbps FD Network
1TB Public Bandwidth included

RasPi Storage

microSD Card
SanDisk Ultra
32 GB up to 512 GB

Optional RasPi Features


Battery UPS Pack

Add a Battery UPS Pack to your RasPi. Prevent it from unexpected power cuts that could happen even in best environments.
We have an UPS for every group of 40 RasPi.

RasPi Back Up

Optional USB Stick up to 512 GB.
Optional NFS Back-Up Space up to 1 TB.

RasPi vLAN Cluster

Setup a VLAN for your RasPi Cluster.
Available with 4 or more RasPi.


Our own TIER I Datacenter is located in Spain, Canary Islands ( Tenerife ) connected with dark fibre network to Neutral Access Point D-ALiX.




RasPi Colo Builder

All hardware is owned by you and housed in our datacenter.
We provide power, network and service and you can run your RasPi online!

Select your RasPi Model, Storage and Network Options

RasPi 3b+ has 4x USB 2.0 Ports with 100 Mbps FD LAN

RasPi 4b+ has 2x USB 2.0 Ports and 2x USB 3.0 Ports with 1000 Mbps FD LAN

Intel x5-z8350 has only 1x USB 3.0 Port with 1000 Mbps FD LAN
Mini Server Model:
Storage (microSD):
USB Port No #1:
USB Port No #2:
USB Port No #3:
USB Port No #4:
NFS Storage for Back-Ups:
Uplink to World:
IP Configuration:
BitScope Blade Rack:
Hardware Setup Fee:
Colocation Housing:
After your contract ends we can send you the hardware worldwide but you pay shipping.

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